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Raising alcohol awareness in Tamworth, Coventry and Poole
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When it comes to alcohol, many people are unaware of the effects that it has on the body. There are various health related issues and side effects that have been associated with increased alcohol consumption. At Shiraz & Sons we are dedicated to raising alcohol awareness and giving you the information that you need to effectively manage your alcohol consumption. From recommended daily intakes to calorie information and possible health impacts, our alcohol awareness sessions are designed to provide you with informative advice, whilst allowing us to answer any questions that you may have.
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If you have concerns about the amount of alcohol you consume or the possible effects that it is having on your body, then the team at Shiraz & Sons are here for you. You can arrange a confidential chat with one of our qualified and experienced team, in which we can give you advice on the recommended alcohol consumption guidelines, inform you on the effects alcohol is having on your body and make you aware of local support groups that could help. In some extreme cases we may also recommend that you see your local GP to discuss the matter further.
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