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Helping you to understand and protect your sexual health

At Shiraz & Sons we take sexual health very seriously. We provide a range of sexual health services that are designed to provide you with the best advice and pharmacy based treatments available. Our chlamydia screening and treatment service provides free screening kits to all patients aged 15 to 24. We can provide FREE emergency contraception treatment where appropriate to all women aged 13 years and over (you must be registered with a local GP). Our team can also give you confidential advice and support on all sexual health matters.
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Confidential screenings and treatments

If you have any concerns about your sexual health, speaking to someone can be a very daunting and embarrassing prospect. This is why the professionals at each of our pharmacies will make sure that you feel comfortable when talking about your concerns. Everything discussed is done so in complete confidentiality and will be handled in a very sensitive manner. All of our sexual health screening and treatment services are also free of charge. So if you are worried about your sexual health or want to find out more information, contact your local pharmacy today.
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